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On October 10-11, Areal Congress Hotel will host the 2nd International Conference and Exhibition “Internet+Transport”.

Internet+Transport is Russia’s only event devoted to integration of digital technologies into the transport sector. This year the Conference and Exhibition will be held for two days in Areal Hotel in the Moscow Region.

The main objectives of the event are to define the comprehensive solutions for stimulation of transport innovative development, promote integration of advanced information technologies into the transport sector of Russia and demonstrate state-of-the-art developments in the field. The Internet+Transport Conference and Exhibition is organized by Business Dialogue LLC. The strategic partner of the event is Russian Railways.

All transport market players in Russia have the same goal now – to provide the smoothest possible transition to the new technological reality and reduce the potential risks caused by total digitalization. The Internet+Transport Conference and Exhibition is a navigator for transport sector companies and enterprises in the world of IT. It is an updated version of the Information Technology in Transport (Infotrans) project, which had been bringing together software developers, transport and industrial companies for 20 years in St. Petersburg.

The business program of the Internet+Transport conference 2017 centers on the utilization of digital technologies in the field of transportation, international logistics and supply chain management, cyber-security in transport, passenger sector and urban transport aspects. A plenary discussion will highlight the major trends of the “transition” period, typical not only for the transport sector but for other sectors (construction, industry, nuclear energy and others) as well. The panelists will try to find out, if there is a universal strategy for the real economy sector transformation and how to balance production and innovations consumption.

A significant part of the Internet+Transport conference will be presentations of chief information officers on the informatization of the national railway companies of the 1520 countries and founders of the leading technology companies developing innovative solutions and services for the transport sector: Maps.Me (offline maps from users), TakeBus (service for the purchase of intercity bus tickets), iCanDeliver (freight transport aggregator), TruckerPath (app for long-distance truck drivers), and many others. At the close of the business program the Internet+Transport conference attendees can participate in a bowling tournament or play billiards.

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The Internet+Transport conference will gather together leading Russian and international transport and IT experts in Moscow on November 8. Representatives from Rambler Co, Mail.Ru Group, UbiGo and others have been invited to attend.

The event is held with support and active participation by the Internet Development Institute. Organiser: Business Dialogue LLC