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Areal Congress Hotel hosted the Second International Conference and Exhibition Internet + Transport on October 10-11

The Conference And Exhibition Internet + Transport took place on October 10-11 in the Areal Congress Hotel. The event was attended by 320 developers of software, control systems, equipment and components, representatives of federal and regional authorities, experts and scientists. Within 10 formats, they discussed the integration of digital technologies into transport sector.

Business agenda of the first day began with a plenary session entitled Digital Revolution Challenges. How Can Real Sector Adapt to a New Technological Reality. The participants of the session, including Evgeny Charkin, IT Director of JSC Russian Railways, Yerzhan Nurakhmetov, Director of the Transport and Infrastructure Department of the EEC, and Konstantin Parshin, Vice President, Executive Director of Energy Efficient Technology Cluster at Skolkovo Foundation, addressed such issues as technological progress, new digital reality and their impact on Russian economy.
The conference was continued by another session entitled Digital Railway. Its participants acquainted themselves with the best Russian and international practices used to introduce digital services in transport sector. Andrey Romanchikov, CEO of Bombardier Transportation Rail (Signal) in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, presented a digital railway traffic control system with an automated management system, increased capacity and reduced construction and operation costs.

The participants of the session IT in International Logistics. Supply Chain Digitalization discussed how IT transformed ordering model and interaction between the carrier and the client, how to minimize regulatory and organizational restrictions in international logistics and what solutions and services could optimize the delivery of goods to the end user. Vasily Ignatov, Director of Hire Transport Management Department at X5 Retail Group, said in his address to the session, “The main objective of all transport companies is to reduce empty running. Digitalization of cargo transportation and introduction of the latest information technologies in logistics helps to reduce it at 25%”.
The first day of the business programme of Internet + Transport was closed by the session Blockchain in Transportation. Theory to Practice that discussed the role of blockchain in the transformation of traditional industries, the efficiency of its introduction in transport and the best practices of its application.
The second day of the Conference started with a presentation entitled Design Thinking. Creating a Product to Meet Client’s Needs made by Olga Linnik and Natalya Anilionene from Sberbank. They told about the company’s view on design thinking, its types, stages and application in various spheres.

Key topics of the session Public Transport. What Technologies Are Changing a Metropolis were mobile apps for people in big cities, data transfer security for Internet users on the mass transit and the creation of a comfortable digital environment. Special attention was paid to intelligent transport systems. Mikhail Ivanov, CEO of NTechLab, said, “The introduction of intelligent systems for urban transport management will call for ensuring both cyber and real safety of the infrastructure”.

The main topics discussed at the session Modern Communication Networks. Wireless Technologies in Corporate Networks were the future of railway communication, wireless data streaming and corporate communication networks. Vladimir Konstantinov, Head of Wireless Solution Department at Huawei, presented the participants of the session the company’s LTE-based solution using IP-protocols within operating networks for railway operators.
The closing session of the conference Internet + Transport was Travel Industry. What Services Are Developing Innovation Mobility. Russian Federal Agency for Tourism, travel companies VIP Service, TUI, OneTwoTrip and others discussed what factors influence the spatial mobility of the population, what a “combined ticket” is in terms of legislation and how to meet tourists’ requirements to a transport product. In his address to the session, Leonid Pustov, Deputy Product & Operations Director of TUI, told about current market trends, “The increase in online bookings of transport and tourist services is a trend that will change the market soon”.

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The Internet+Transport conference will gather together leading Russian and international transport and IT experts in Moscow on November 8. Representatives from Rambler Co, Mail.Ru Group, UbiGo and others have been invited to attend.

The event is held with support and active participation by the Internet Development Institute. Organiser: Business Dialogue LLC